Our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower children through exposure to photography and art at a young age. We want to teach the joys and practical skills of art and photography, pleasures and skills proven to raise confidence and self-esteem in many other areas of life. We want to educate them not only in the craft of picture taking, but in the ways photography might allow them to explore their own creative potential and self-expression.
By giving children the chance to create and by providing the actual resources through programs like Saturdays @ Duggal, as well as our partnerships with like-minded organizations such as NYC Salt, we hope to empower the next generation to bring beauty to their lives, their community, and the world.

Saturdays @ Duggal

Saturdays @ Duggal, a free, monthly 90-minute parent/ child drop-in program provides kids, ages 7-10, the opportunity to create their very own photography-inspired arts & crafts project.

Every craft is designed and taught by a Duggal associate volunteering their time, with additional assistance provided by the students of our partner program NYC Salt. Sign up here or take a look at our calendar for the next workshop.

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Duggal Charities

Duggal Visual Solutions has been a patron of the arts for over 50 years and we have made it a large part of our mission to help hundreds of organizations fundraise, promote themselves and spread awareness through the power of visuals. We are proud to help such organizations as the American Cancer Society, The National Arts Club, 9/11 Museum, and many more.

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