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For the 3rd time, Duggal has worked with curator, Virginia Villari, to produce several graphics and imagery. This time Duggal worked with Villari to produce images for an event to help raise money for Haiti, organized by creamhotel (which Villari is curator for).

The event is being presented in the United States for the first time and will be showcasing the work of Italian photographer Stefano Guindani. Guindani launched his photographic book “Haiti – Through the Eye of Stefano Guindani” (Electa Mondadori Publishing), which was accompanied by a one-month long exhibition of the photographs he took during his numerous trips to Haiti.

For the last two years, the proceeds from the book and the photographs have been used to raise funds for the Francesca Rava Foundation NPH Italia, whose latest project is to build a new orphanage for Haitian children.

The Francesca Rava Foundation is an Italian non-profit organization that was founded in 2000. The Foundations mission is to help children in need across the globe.

Duggal contributed to this great cause by printing 27 matte gallery digital c-prints and three 6’x9’ stretch frames of Guindani’s photographs for the exhibit.

The photographs are on view by appointment only, now through March 16th, 2011 at Canoe Studios in Chelsea.

Canoe Studios is located at 601 West 26th St., Chelsea, New York. For more information regarding the exhibit please contact:

info@creamhotel.com to make an appointment.


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