DBP Hosts Tour and Panel for NYC SALT

Feb 27, 15 DBP Hosts Tour and Panel for NYC SALT

Duggal Big Picture Foundation hosted a motivating meeting-of-the-minds recently as inner city teenagers from the not-for-profit NYC SALT program toured our facilities and sat with key members of Duggal’s diverse and creative staff for a panel discussion about careers in photography and the visual arts.

NYC SALT’s purpose is to “engage, inspire and empower New York City teenagers by providing them with professional-grade visual communications skills,” a mission which perfectly aligns with that of Duggal Big Picture’s, which is to inspire, educate, and empower children through exposure to photography and art at a young age. The reference to ‘salt’ reflects the organization’s hope that “the program will flavor and preserve the communities it serves.” Giving children the chance to create empowers them to create beauty in their lives, in their community, and in the world.

The Duggal Big Picture Foundation, as well as NYC Salt, instructs youths not just in the craft of picture taking, but in the ways photography might allow them to explore their own creative potential and self-expression. NYC SALT continues in its holistic mission by providing SAT prep, homework help, college counseling, and more.

In this particular panel, as in our other educational endeavors, our goal was not only to inspire children to dream big, but to also make sure they have the necessary resources and advice to achieve those dreams.

The Duggal panel was moderated by Marc Lovci, VP of Business Development, and featured Duggal employees Heather Gorman, Giselle Behrens, Mike Lambert, Amit Dhawan, Ruth Halderman, Ken Bledsoe, Hardy Rosenstein, and Jerid O’Connell. They spoke about their background, education, and the unique path that brought each of them to Duggal. It was important to NYC SALT Founder Alicia Hansen and to Program Director Jackie DeBenedetto that the students, all from Title I schools, and almost all the first in their families to have college goals, see how many different avenues exist leading to a career in photography, and how diverse the available roles are within it.

The panel ended with light refreshments and great conversation as the students, who had been reminded of the importance of networking by our panelists, charmingly put those skills into action to the joy of everyone present.

All of us at Duggal Big Picture Foundation were honored to have hosted the event with an organization we feel such kinship with. We look forward to many more!