Dennis Alexander Chevez Guevara

(Machine translation from Spanish)

My name is Dennis Alexander Chevez Guevara.

I am 13 years old I was born on November 14, 1998. I was raised on a beach in Chinandega.

My parents are called José Alberto Chevez Paztran and Xiomara Guevara Raquel Morales, I have an older brother, he is 15 years old. He has been a great example for me. I have a little brother who is 10 and a little sister that is 5 years old.

My elementary study in a public school, and I started my high school in Centro Vocacional Rey Juan Carlos I (Betania)

Until now I felt very well and learned a lot about various subjects. I have great teammates who support me both in and outside the school. Also I have good teachers who teaches me how to be better every day.

I had complications in my life and overcome all that but with support from my parents and family who daily tell me what is right and what is wrong.