Meyling Morgarita Moreno Morales

(Machine translation from Spanish)

I am Meyling Margarita Moreno Morales, I have 14 years old, I was born on November 10, 1997 in Chinandega.

My high school study in the Career Center King Juan Carlos I (Betania) study my 9th grade and I am studying Graphic Design and Digital Photography.

Chinandega 2001 Foundation benefit me a lot as after leaving my high school I can continue to implement the technical knowledge that have given me, and is a great advantage for me as well as other students, so that we help with college expenses.

I like to continue learning every day more and more, so that when I become a professional I want to be the pride of all the people who always gave me the support I needed and good advice that helped me change from day to day.