Duggal Big Picture Foundation hosts tours of our corporate headquarters on 23rd St, which house several large-format printers, a bustling production and dispatch facility, a retouching studio and gallery space. We hope to foster creativity and awareness by hosting free tours and panels for interested organizations in the NYC area. Panel guests can learn about the paths that led the wide array of Duggal employees to work in their respective fields, and learn a lot from their advice and “If I had to do it again, I would…” maxims. Led by Duggal employees volunteering their time, DBP tours are an important way for us to give back to and educate our community.

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DBP Hosts Tour and Panel for NYC SALT

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DBP Hosts Tour and Panel for NYC SALT

Duggal Big Picture Foundation hosted a motivating meeting-of-the-minds recently as inner city teenagers from the not-for-profit NYC SALT program toured our facilities and sat with key members of Duggal’s diverse and creative staff for a panel discussion about careers in photography and the visual arts. NYC SALT’s purpose is to “engage, inspire and empower New York City teenagers by providing them with professional-grade visual communications skills,” a mission which perfectly aligns with that of Duggal Big Picture’s, which is to inspire, educate, and empower children through exposure to photography and art at a young age. The reference to ‘salt’ reflects the organization’s hope that “the program will flavor and preserve the communities it serves.” Giving children the chance to create empowers them to create beauty in their lives, in their community, and in the world. The Duggal Big Picture Foundation, as well as NYC Salt, instructs youths not just...

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