Trilok Preschool

Duggal Big Picture has begun to work with The Trilok Preschool and Afterschool program to transform a new school location for their growing preschool and brand new continued education afterschool program.

In March, 2011 DBP sponsored Trilok’s outdoor signage and are currently in the process of designing and producing wallpaper of the student’s images, gallery prints to fill the halls, reproduction piece of student’s work, and much more.

The Trilok Preschool is a non-profit organization serving children between 2-5 years of age which seeks to promote different cultural artistic styles and explore various forms of media and disciplines to create new works.

Trilok Preschool uses hands-on learning techniques with small class sizes, ranging from 6-12 students, to cultivate unique individuals and open the world to each child. The children are encouraged to express themselves in constructive ways through dialogue rather than aggressive behavior. Meditation and music is used to help build self-confidence and eliminate stress.

Dance, music, drawing, painting, painting, gardening, photography, video and cooking create opportunities for children to express themselves in a creative way and reading, writing, math, science and social studies are taught to develop strong foundations for future academic pursuits.

The goal at Trilok Preschool is to create a unique arts program for our students that allows them to enjoy the different art forms individually, but also to help the children understand and appreciate the connections between these different art forms.

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